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Wood Burning Stove Installations


Lots of people see beautiful stoves in Wimborne Dorset and wonder if they could have one in their home. They have lots of questions and here at, we can answer them for you.


How do I decide what size of stove to go for?


All stoves have a heat output and the size of your room will dictate the size of the stove you need. Ask us and we’ll help you with the calculations. It’s not that hard.


Do you need planning permission to have a stove?


There are building regulations to follow but we are qualified and registered stove installers and we can take care of that for you. Just give us a call.


Will my stove need maintenance?


Yes is the simple answer. Stoves burn solid fuel and will need their chimney system cleaning usually once a year at least. We can advise you of the maintenance schedule required and we can clean the stove systems for you.


Where can my stove be fitted?


These days the answer is almost anywhere; against a wall, in an existing fireplace or even in the middle of a room. We have stoves that look great from all sides so we can install it wherever you want – as long as we can find a place for the flue.


What are the rules about smoke control in Wimborne?


We are well aware of all the current legislation in the areas where we install stoves, whether it’s Wimborne or Bournemouth Dorset Hampshire and Wiltshire we can advise you on what stoves are suitable in your part of Dorset.

These and other questions were answered by us when we went to fit a stovax stove in a farmhouse in St Leonards. The owners were renovating the beautiful old property and needed a stove in keeping with the age of the building and which would also provide the heat they needed for their family of five.


After consulting with us they went with the Opus Tempo stove and we had it all fitted and working within 2 days.


Here it is; a perfect stove for its location in St Leonards and it really looks amazing. The owners said, “I can’t believe how it’s transformed the room. It became the focal point at once and we love it. Sam and the guys were so clean and efficient and our home was always well looked after while they were there. I can’t recommend stoveandchimneysolutions highly enough.” What are you waiting for? If you would like a stove installed in your home get in touch with us now. We favour to use whatsapp and you can reach us on 07521 647885.

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