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Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds


Chimneys are often neglected, especially if they're not used much and particularly in the summertime. However, it's very important to keep on top of maintaining your chimney.


Here at stoveandchimneysolutions we know all about chimney repairs and rebuilds.


Chimneys should be inspected visually at regular intervals and maintained if issues are spotted. When you fail to keep on top of maintaining your chimney, it can lead to problems. There are many things that can go wrong with a chimney and we're the experts at sorting them out!

If you're experiencing any of the following problems with your chimney in Wimborne or Bournemouth, Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire it's time for a professional opinion:

1) The pointing is worn down and no longer flush against its brickwork

2) There are cracks where mortar is no longer sound.

3) The flashing is damaged, looks weak or is raised away from the roof.

4) There’s a leak in the chimney or roofing around the chimney area.

5) The bricks or mortar are crumbling and worn.

6) There are cracks in the chimney crown

You may be wondering if it’s worth having your chimney repaired. We’re telling you it is!

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Your home will be a lot safer, a collapsing chimney won’t do your roof a lot of good. You will avoid damp issues in the house and a good-looking functional chimney will improve the appearance of your home and maintain its value.

Of course, chimney maintenance does cost money but we can inspect your chimney for free and we’ll tell you what needs doing and how much it will cost before you are committed to the work.

Prices do vary depending on how easy access to your chimney is, the extent of the repairs needed, and how severe the problem is.

We pride ourselves on treating your home as if it was our own. We have a reputation for caring for the places we work in but having a chimney re-built is major building work and will involve dust and debris.

We advise all our customers to remove precious items from the room and sheet up the rest before we start so that nothing gets damaged.

At stoveandchimneysolutions we rebuild your entire chimney if necessary. If you’re installing one of our HETAS wood burning or multi-fuel stoves and you have a thatched roof then there are safety regulations that need to following so our expertise is a must.

Get in touch with us; we are professionals with the skills and experience at dealing with these issues.

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