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Dorset and Hampshire's quality wood burning stove installation team is here to give you the stove of your dreams. As installers of wood burning & multi-fuel stoves we are a family run business and take pride in customer satisfaction and in getting the best possible stove installation for your budget.


We are a HETAS qualified and approved company with engineers that are fully insured, reliable and friendly, we make a complete professional team. We have over 30 years of wood burning stove installation experience here so you know you can trust us to install your stove or log burner to the highest industry standards.

Whether you would like your chimney re lining or need a chimney repair or a chimney rebuild in order to accommodate your new HETAS installation or whether you need a twin wall chimney system or specialist work done on your thatched cottage in Dorset and Hampshire we are the team you need.

Our professional building work includes fireplace alterations, fireplace media walls, chimney takedowns and rebuilds with plastering any structural work taken care of and chimney maintenance - if needed - because we are THE complete installation company. We provide in house signed off installations in accordance with all current British standards and building regulations.

Our team includes a full team of professional builders and plasterers to make sure we get a great finish to your stove installation. There’s no need to wait for other trades when you book us to install your new fire place. That convenience will save you time and money and make your stove installation smoother and more seamless, giving you the stove of your dreams sooner than you would otherwise get it and ready to enjoy without any additional effort on your part.

If you have no chimney, that’s no problem. Phone us now on 07521647885 to see how you can have the log burner of your choice or your desired stove installed and we will also ensure the integrity and effective performance of your stove, your flue and even build you a chimney if you need one. We are used to dealing with building regulations and other permissions and we undertake all the paperwork so that you don’t have to worry.


There’s usually no need for scaffolding as we have specialist roof ladders and cherry pickers that can reach most chimneys easily and efficiently. Our bespoke hetas wood-burning stove installations are tailored to your specifications and you can pick almost any stove and take advantage of our complete installation package offer. Why not call us now; text or Whatsapp and we’ll get you sorted.

Hunter Parkray Aspect stove installation packages. 

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What to expect from a full wood burning stove installation from start to finish. Call us now for more info.

Contact us now for great deals on your wood burner stove and installation or any service.

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What to expect from a full wood burning stove installation from start to finish. Call now for more info


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